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School Dossier 2016-17

The school began its First Academic Session on 22 June 2016. In just a few months the school achieved various milestones.

Bricks to pillars the school has grown and so have the dreams. The admissions for the first Academic year commenced from November 2015. Students got enrolled as well as teachers were recruited. The school recruited a team of committed and dedicated Admin and Academic Staff who have proved to be the backbone of this great institution.


The First Orientation Programme for teachers-Aarambh was conducted for 15 days. This Orientation aimed to bring all the teachers on the common platform and outlined the objectives of Delhi Public School Medchal Highway. From Classroom management, to Quality Circle time from Time management to Humour from Dance to Poetry from Examinations to Creativity they went through all. Lesson plans, worksheets, question papers, activity plans, classroom divisions were planned.

Parent Orientation Programmes

Orientation programmes were organised for parents of classes Pre-primary to Grade VII, laying down the objectives of the school and its assessment plan.

Pre-Primary Wing

Pre-primary segment focuses on hands on activities integrated with traditional classroom teaching. Regular meetings with parents discussing the academic progress were organized. Along with the Academic Plan various activities were organized for this wing. The Objective of all these activities was to bring in confidence, teamwork, and involvement of parents in the teaching learning process added with entertainment for both children and parents

Primary Sections and Middle School (Grade I-VII)

A meticulously organized and planned test schedule with all activities and Term Examinations was executed without putting extra burden on our children. We are one among a few schools who carefully integrated academic and co-scholastic activities. Hence achieved an average Grade of “A” across all sections in the first academic year.

Inter House Activities

The School is divided into 4 houses namely, Aquila, Ichthys, Altair and Leonard. Every Thurday Inter House Competitions were organized for all Classes on various topics namely debate, cookery, creativity, Math, Quiz ,Science, Softboard making, apart from the rigorous academics. Children participated with great enthusiasm winning accolades and certificates.

Talk Shows and Workshops

Apart form Academics; Talk Shows , Site Visits and Guest Lectures were organised to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Subject Specific Celebrations

Different subject specific weeks and activities were organized for Pre-Primary to Grade VII namely Math week, Heritage week, Science Week, Tech Week and the Sports Week. The objective of celebrating these weeks was to bring children out of classroom and expose them to real life situations and application.


We celebrated Important Events and Festivals such as the Independence Day Celebrations and Investiture organized within 2 months of commencement of the school. Followed by this were Hindi and Telugu Diwas Celebrations, Christmas Celebrations where competitions for parents of Grades I & II were conducted. Teachers sang carols establishing a feeling of festivity and togetherness.

Children presented an assembly on Teachers day. This event was designed and executed by children themselves. Teachers also presented a programme on Children’s day.

We had celebrations for Janmashtami, Sankranti and Diwali. Every grade was designated an assembly with 100% participation.

Winter Camps

A Winter Camp- Cloud 9 was organized for Grades III-VII. Various activities were planned. Children stayed overnight in the campus. Next morning they went for a trek. This camp made children independent ,responsible and instilled a sense of caring for their peers.


Assemblies were conducted every Wednesday based on important values and its purpose is to strengthen every child’s emotional quotient. Every class was given a theme to be carried out with 100% participation.

Field Trips and Educational Trips

Field Trips were organized for all classes to break the monotony and to give them real life exposure. Staying together with their peers established a sense of belonging, developed understanding and inculcated tolerance for all.


We have various Clubs for children namely Rock band, Art and Craft, Heritage Club, Science Club, Karate, Chess, Skating, Classical Dance etc. All Clubs have been operational and children have migrated to the next level of every club.

Social Responsibility Programme

We strongly believe that in today’s day and age children have to be sensitized to social concerns. Therefore we have carefully designed our Social Responsibility Programme.

As a part of the Joy of Giving Programme children donated stationary items to an Orphanage- Krishi Homes. Children from Pre-primary visited this Orphanage.

Children also visited an Orphanage for the Elderly run by the Integrated Welfare Society.

In association with Cyberabad Traffic Police we organized a Road Safety Drive in order to spread the message of safety on road among the road users. This move was appreciated by the Traffic Department and later our children were invited to participate in a Human Chain Organised to Commemorate the Traffic Safety Week.


Apart from Academics we had a plethora of Olympiads which helped students gain additional knowledge and to get an early exposure to competition and learning. Olympiads create a talent pool for future, provides a big platform, builds confidence and improves the reasoning ability in a child.

25 children sat for online National Astronomy Olympiad conducted by Orange Assessments. Our children, Aidah Asrar, Kapish Rawat, Kavya Singhal and Ayaana Abdul Hafeez have appeared for the Finals of the National and International level NSO and IMO exams conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation


Besides excelling at academics, our students have also been very active in the field of co-curricular activities. Co-curricular activities facilitate in the development of various domains of mind and personality such as intellectual, emotional, social, moral and aesthetic development and make a child creative, enthusiastic and energetic. Our budding skaters, Krish K. Vinu, Kavya Singhal, Sree Sanjeev and Nirmit gave a very good account of themselves by winning gold, silver and bronze medals in the Open Skating Championship 2016 organized by Speed Skating Academy Hyderabad.

Our students participated in the prestigious North South Foundation Spell Bee and Science Bee. Aidah Asrar bagged third rank in the Intermediate Spell Bee.

Furthermore our students participated in Oakiq conducted by Oakridge International School.

Manha Asrar of Grade VI is a part Haritha Haram ad film launched by our honorable Chief Minister, Sri. K. Chandrasekhar Rao Garu.

Teacher Workshops

In order to become a great teacher one must go beyond the textbook and attend workshops and ongoing education courses to truly master the practice. Professional development of teachers is an ongoing program at Delhi Public School Medchal Highway. To keep them updated with the latest in their respective fields, teachers attended a range of workshops covering diverse topics such as functional skill building, structured problem solving, leadership developments, communication skills, time and classroom management, calligraphy, etc.

Our English department teachers attended a Workshop by Ms. Gayatri Khanna and also a Talk Show and a Book review by Mr. Tom Alter

Maths Department attended a workshop by Mr. Ramakrishna Adury on the Changing trends in the teaching of Mathematics.

Kips Educational Group conducted a Computer Science Workshop by Mr. Ravi Nanda and Ms. Juhi Nanda.

Encyclopedia Britannica organized a workshop by Mr. Vasudev to improve the art of teaching, communication skills and classroom management. All our teachers attended the workshop, which was conducted in the school premises.

Some of our Differentiators

The first year of Delhi Public School Medchal Highway clearly outlines that our children have learnt and achieved a lot indeed. More, no doubt, can still be done. Excellence in every field should be our goal! Former US President Obama said “Yes, we can”, as part of his inaugural speech. We can safely say at the end of one year, not only “Yes, we can achieve”, but “Yes, we have achieved.”

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